Another Day, Another Walk… This Time A Return Visit To Hickmerelands Lane

Since I walked Hickmerelands Lane a few days ago, my wife has been saying she’d like to go there.

Although she’s lived in Sedgley for more than thirty years, Debby is originally from Tipton, so not as familiar with the wider area as I am.

Today, along with Twinkle our Bedlington Terrier, we made our way across the A459 that runs through the centre of the village, and a few minutes later we’re walking the lane itself.

There are some magnificent trees that fringe the route, as well as occupying the adjoining land, and I’ve captured some of those in the accompanying video.

Bird-wise, I saw the following: robin, blackbird, starling, wood pigeon, blue tit, carrion crow, jay, stock dove, nuthatch, blackcap, magpie, great tit, house sparrow.