A Binoculars Walk Around Sedgley Beacon – Still Observing Government Guidelines

I’m still following the government’s guidelines regarding daily exercise and social distancing. What I’m aware of though, especially on a sunny day, is that not everyone else is.

More of that in a future blog entry though, for now it’s about Sedgley Beacon and another walk to the area accompanied, as always, by my binoculars.

In just a few weeks, it has become very green indeed, as most of the trees are in leaf. It does make birding slightly more difficult compared to when there are no leaves.

I was really pleased to see my first whitethroat of the year though, as well as bullfinch, linnet and goldfinch. The bird that you can see in slow motion flight in the video below is a chiffchaff.

Birds seen were as follows: magpie, feral pigeon, lesser black-backed gull, bullfinch, robin, chiffchaff, linnet, goldfinch, whitethoat, common buzzard, great tit. Bird list 2020