Angling Blogs Beginning With J And K – Plodding Along While Listening To Rose Royce

Some letters of the alphabet are far more challenging than others as far as locating blog sites is concerned. The letter J proved to be particularly difficult, as I struggled through an hour or so searching the internet.

With eight blogs already on the list, it had previously taken me a while to get there, so I knew that to add any more wouldn’t be an easy task. I did get there in the end though, and working through the list of blog sites, if I can get them all to double-figures, that’s something I’ll be happy with at this stage.

After hitting the target with J, and while listening to Rose Royce’s In Full Bloom album several times, I turned my attention to the letter K. With just one find, and after numerous plays of the album, I decided to switch to the Strikes Again album and gave myself just one listen to see if I could add to that list of blogs.

Although I enjoyed the music – I saw Rose Royce live in Birmingham when I was a teenager – unfortunately I didn’t find any more blog sites, and so K is on nine at this precise moment in time.

If you are visiting sites on the internet yourself though, and you do come across any that kick-off with J or K and I don’t have them listed, then feel free to let me know. You can post via the comments box on the home page.

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