A Birding Walk Around Turls Hill And A Woodland Time-Lapse Video

Another day and another walk, this time back to Turls Hill, which is just a few minutes walk away from where I live. As always, I took my binoculars with me, and you can see the list of birds seen below.

The accompanying short video was taken walking through the woodland. Nothing hi-tech involved, I just put my iPhone on time-lapse mode and held the device in front of me as I walked.

Things are looking much greener now, and since my last visit, both bluebell and cow parsley are coming through in numbers.

Birds seen: goldfinch, magpie, wood pigeon, blackbird, robin, lesser black-backed gull, wren, blue tit, carrion crow, great tit, chaffinch, stock dove, jackdaw, dunnock, mistle thrush, chiffchaff, nuthatch, treecreeper.