The A-Z Of Angling Blogs, As I, J And K Are Updated

I posted the video below on my YouTube channel last week to promote the fact that I’m using the free time I have at the moment to develop the A-Z of angling blogs that I have listed on my site.

I’ve been focusing on individual letters during each session, as it’s easier to manage. I’ve also been trying to add a few to the letters that aren’t as common.

For example blog sites beginning with I had only two entries beforehand. Now it has eleven but it took more than an hour of searching to get there. 

The letter J was a particularly tough challenge, as a further hour on the laptop took the total from two to eight. 

Likewise when I searched for blogs beginning with K, it was a long slog to find eight, as my labour of love extended into the early hours of the morning.

I didn’t have any entries previously though, so it was good to add a new category. 

You can access the main blog sites page here. Happy reading and why not post a comment on one of the blogs that you read?

It’s a great way of encouraging a fellow angler during these tough times. 

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