F Is For FC Copenhagen – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

From the perspective of my own groundhopping, I have always wanted new countries when the draws are made for The New Saints FC’s European adventures. Although I had been to Denmark the previous season, with a game against FC Midtjylland, nevertheless I wasn’t exactly disappointed when the club was paired with FC Copenhagen last summer.

Led by ex-Wolverhampton Wanderers manager, Stรฅle Solbakken, I had already interviewed him at Park Hall in the first leg. There’s more of that later in the series, as that deserves a mention of its own, as it was a very special memory indeed.

The staff at FC Copenhagen were very friendly and that always makes for a happier trip. Although it wasn’t the result that The New Saints wanted, nevertheless the 1-0 defeat in the UEFA Champions League had plenty of positives.

On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The lead image is when the champions of Wales were training on the pitch the evening before the game itself. I was filming the ‘keepers and their coach, and was captured by Brian Jones, the club’s official photographer.

I published a number of blog entries from the two games against the champions of Denmark and they can be accessed HERE. They will also contain videos as well, including the one below from the aforementioned training session at the stadium.

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