The Impressive Harlech Castle At Night

My last blog post from the Tal-y-Bont vacation comes from the final evening, as we went to nearby Harlech, and in particular, the castle.

It looks magnificent at the best of times but I always think it looks especially impressive at night. It’s always well-lit and stands out from a distance, as it sits high above the A496 that passes beneath it.

If ever you are in the area then it’s definitely worth a visit. During the evening that we visited, it was closed, but I knew that anyway and the purpose of the short trip along the coast was to take some photographs and capture some video footage.

The castle goes back to the 13th century and was built by Edward I, during the invasion, and subsequent conquest, of Wales.

It has an interesting history of its own, with Owain Glyndŵr as an individual, and the Wars Of The Roses and the English Civil War collectively, all featuring in its past.

It also spawned the rousing Men Of Harlech, a song that made its way into the 1964 film, Zulu, as well as regularly being heard at current Wales international games.


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