Fishing And Football, It’s Not A Bad Life. Before The Latter Though, The Former.


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With a long day ahead of me, courtesy of a trip to Ramsbottom United in the Northern Premier League, I kicked-off at first light with a short lure fishing session on a local canal. That’s the beauty of this type of fishing, when time is limited you can still get a session in.

A key factor at this time of the year is location and I targeted a swim where I have caught numerous perch in recent weeks. Working on the basis that they won’t have moved much due to the low water temperature, my reasoning was rewarded with fish.

Working a small minnow on a 1g jig head slowly through the water, even though it was icy to the touch, nevertheless perch are predators and can be provoked. That’s where mini-jigging comes into its own, you can retrieve the lure at a very slow pace.

It’s important to keep the lure moving as well. What you are attempting to do is to goad the fish into an attack, even if it’s not hungry.

It may have been a cold day but as long as your bait’s in the water then you’ve got a chance. The short trip also meant that I have been fishing every day of the year so far.

The next journey of the day was much longer as I headed for the Lancashire market town of Ramsbottom, and in particular the football club. That’s for another blog entry, so as they say, watch this space.

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