Gornal Rangers FC 2 AFC Essington 4. Groundhopping In The Beacon Football League.

With games on Sunday afternoons in and around the Black Country, the Beacon Football League ticks the boxes as far as my own groundhopping is concerned. This time round I added Thorns Collegiate Academy to the list, as I went to watch Gornal Rangers FC host AFC Essington.

The visitors stormed into a well-deserved three-goal lead at the break and it looked all over. However, Gornal never gave up and found themselves back in the game, just one behind, halfway through the second period.

Assuming there was one, of course, the next goal was going to be massive. There was, and it went the way of Essington, who ran out 4-2 winners come the final whistle.

I enjoyed the game, as always, and you can view my groundhopping pages here.

I’ve got a run of free Sundays at the moment so I will be taking in more games in the Beacon Football League over the next few weeks.

I’ll be producing blog entries for each game but if you’d like more than just action footage, then get in touch. I’ll be happy to come and do some filming in the dressing room, players arriving, warming up, interviews etc.

It will be good publicity for your club – and the league – plus it’s all free as well, just in case you’re wondering what the catch is. There isn’t one. I’ll be at a game anyway so it’s no effort for me. Plus, I enjoy it. It’s all football. It’s all good.

Welcome to my website, there’s more information on the home page.  You can also follow blog updates on Facebook (feel free to send me a friend request) and Twitter.

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