AFC Bridgnorth 0 Wednesfield FC 1. Groundhopping in Shropshire.

Football is one of the passions in my life and therefore, whether working or pleasure, I do enjoy being around the game itself, and in particular watching live action. On this occasion, I had a couple of options pencilled in, with what time I left work the deciding factor.

As it was, I was on my way late afternoon, and that meant Crown Meadow was on the agenda. The home of AFC Bridgnorth, the fixture in the top flight of the West Midlands Regional league, saw Wednesfield FC making the journey across the Black Country and into Shropshire.

I enjoyed the game and it could have gone either way, as both sides were full-on and looking for the three points. I did feel the visitors would edge it though once we hit the second-half, purely and simply from the advantage that the pitch would give them.

There is a significant slope on the pitch, and with the game goalless at the break and the sides very equally matched, that was the only factor that I could see making a difference during the second forty-five.

That proved to be the case, as Wednesfield grabbed the winner as the game wore on. Although Bridgnorth is at the wrong end of the table as far as they are concerned with the current poor set of results continuing, nevertheless there is much to be positive about.

The game could have gone either way, and if not for a superb penalty save from the visiting ‘keeper in the first half, it may well have been the case that the Meadowmen were the ones celebrating come the final whistle.

It was great to meet up with fellow groundhopper, Gareth Thomas, as well. I knew he would be there as I saw him tweet about it earlier in the day. We watched the game together and had a lovely chat. It was great.

There’s a short video below that includes action from the encounter. This was my 19th new ground of the season and you can view my groundhopping pages here.

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    1. You’re welcome, it was a real pleasure. Oops, sorry. I know that, of course, it was just a verbal typo! I only realised till you just pointed it out. Pity I can’t correct a video but I will add a comment to the written blog right now!


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