The Robbie Savage Comeback. Stockport Town 3 FC Oswestry Town 2.

There are numerous player and staff connections between The New Saints FC and FC Oswestry Town, and while I was in the office of the former and knowing that the latter had a game that evening, I asked Jason Brindley if he was going and could I get a lift.

After we had welcomed a touring Academy from Canada late in the afternoon (it’s a hard life working in football), along with Nathan Leonard, who with Jason forms the management team at Oswestry, I set off for the Sports Village and the game against Stockport Town.

I didn’t realise until after I had confirmed with Jason, that Robbie Savage had signed for the Woodley-based side, and was in the squad for the fixture. More of that in an upcoming blog entry, but for now, back to the main thrust of this one.

The lead photograph is the visitors’ dressing room on arrival and for the other images, click the thumbnails. There is also a video that I put together, and published on the TNS FC social media accounts, that you can view below.

Oswestry went 1-0 ahead, courtesy of a goal from captain, CJ Craven, with Liam Parry scoring the second. Both are on loan from The New Saints and that was the reason I was there, to catch up with the players and staff who are now also involved with the English side.

Unfortunately though, Stockport scored three times to establish a comfortable lead, until Liam’s late effort, that in the end proved to be no more than a consolation. The first of the Stockport goals was a fantastic free-kick, that gave no-one any chance as it flew in. It really was a superb effort.

I enjoyed the game very much, but then again, I always get something from every match that I attend. I like the set-up at Stockport Town, it’s really good. Although I work for a full-time professional side who are national champions, I would be as happy involved in tier ten of the English system, where these two teams play their football.

This was my 48th game of the season to date and my 17th new ground of 2019/2020. You can view my groundhopping pages here, and as they say, watch this space for more blog entries based on the trip to Stockport.


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