On This Day In History. The Second Boer War Memorial In Cardiff. Linking The Present With The Past.


Exactly 110 years ago today, on November 20, 1909, the memorial to fallen Welsh soldiers who lost their lives in the Second Boer War, was unveiled in Cardiff. I was in the capital yesterday and so paid the site a visit.

I was hoping to get there during the hours of daylight but as it happened, by the time I arrived, it was dark. However, a huge wheel next to the memorial was fully lit, so in a way that proved to be a positive because in one view you had both the past and the present.

You can click the images above to enlarge, which also give you the names of the soldiers that never returned. We focus very much on other conflicts, especially the First and Second World Wars – and rightly so – but let’s not forget others, where lives were also tragically lost.

I saw an old photograph recently of returning soldiers marching through Cardiff, with crowds of people there to welcome them back home. They are very much part of our not-too-distant past.

In fact, many of the veterans from the Boer War went on to fight in the 1914-1918 conflict. There will still be people alive today in Wales (and beyond) who have direct memory connections with the memorial – and the events relating to it – in Cardiff.

It may be from parents, possibly grand-parents and certainly great-parents but nevertheless, this oft overlooked structure in the capital is one that very much links Wales with the past.

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