Christmas Decorations In Early November. Thoughts On Social Media In General. Keyboard Warriors, Trolls.

While driving in the wider Dudley area, I noticed the house that you can see in the image above. With the Christmas lights shining brightly, it certainly stood out. Funnily enough, earlier in the day I had seen a random post on Twitter where someone had taken a similar photograph, and then went off an expletive-filled rant as to why do people put their Christmas decorations up in early November.

You see this a lot on social media, where individuals get so bothered about what others get up to. What is more to the point is why should we become so angry and worked-up about something that has no direct bearing on our own life?

It’s one of the reasons why I have found myself pulling away from social media in general during the last year or so. I haven’t had any issues or conflicts with others, just a general observation of where things are going.

I closed my Instagram account and haven’t posted on Facebook for some weeks and even then my last post was something from my blog site. I can’t remember the last time I posted something that was not related to my website. Likewise with Twitter, all posts have been scheduled blog entries.

Back to the opening comment, I think it’s really important to guard our hearts and minds and be careful what we allow in. Read constant ranting and it’s easy to get drawn in yourself, especially when you start to get involved in online arguments. Before you know it, you’re a keyboard warrior and a troll yourself.

Regarding the Christmas lights that I saw, they don’t arouse any negative emotion for me. They look nice, and although ours won’t be going up until December, if you put yours up earlier, it doesn’t bother me. After all, why should it?



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