Greg Draper’s Goal Was All That Separated The Sides Come The Final Whistle. It Was Also His 143rd For The New Saints, Making Him The Choice For Post-Match Player Interview.

Closing in on Mike Wilde’s all-time TNS FC record of league goals, which stands at 151, Greg Draper reduced the gap again with his header against Bala Town on MD12 in the JD Cymru Premier.

With 8 to go to equal Wildey, and 9 to set a new record, we’ll certainly be making a lot of this over the coming weeks. Greg is a popular figure at the club and certainly the fans’ favourite, as he gets lots of positive support via the club’s social media accounts.

Typical Greg though, when I approached him as he came out of the players’ dressing room again, he was asking if I’d interview someone else because he’s been in the spotlight a few times recently.

When you interview though you go for the player that stands out. Although there were some quality individual performances, Greg’s goal secured the points so that edged him just ahead of several others. Plus, he put in an appearance just as I was looking for someone.


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