Promoting The Writings Of Other Anglers. C, Featuring Carp Fishing Photos.

I do like reading the blogs of other anglers and for a while I’ve been compiling a list of what’s out there. Here are the ones that begin with the letter C and if you know of any  that aren’t included (C or otherwise), please feel free to post the links in the comments box at the base of this page and I will happily add them.

As you can see from the list that I’ve produced so far, not everyone updates regularly and some appear to have come to an end. That’s fine though because as long as there are blog entries on there, whether yesterday or two years ago, they’re still worth reading.

The featured site this time though is updated on a regular basis and if you like looking at carp photographs, then this is definitely for you. Check out Carp Fishing Photos for lots of images and that’s where the lead shot for this blog entry comes from.



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Stewart Bloor


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