The Second Visit To The Capital In A Week, This Time A Working Game, As Cardiff Metropolitan University FC Hosted The New Saints FC.

MD 6 in the JD Cymru Premier saw The New Saints travel to the capital to play Cardiff Metropolitan University FC. An 8.00 p.m. kick-off on a Monday evening meant that it was just after 3.00 a.m. by the time I got home.

I’m not complaining though, far from it. I enjoy working in the beautiful game and currently that means travelling the length and breadth of Wales. Living near Wolverhampton, that involves a fair few miles every month.

This was my 32nd game of the 2019/2020 season and obviously being involved in football means that I get to watch numerous games anyway as a matter of course. I’ve been to Cyncoed Campus on a number of occasions so it wasn’t a new groundhopping tick.

At the start of the video I mention Wales against Azerbaijan, when in fact it was Belarus. The former was on the Friday before. It’s a haze sometimes, all these games that I go to. A nice haze though.

The video below is the usual behind the scenes from before the game and the lead image was taken in the dressing room when the players arrived, featuring Kurtis Byrne, Dean Ebbe and Lewis Dutton.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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