Groundhopping In The Beacon Football League As AFC Essington Beat Cannock United 2-1. Thoughts On Groundhopping In General.

Another Sunday afternoon and another visit to Coseley Leisure Centre in the Beacon Football League. A league that is based in the Black Country, my target this season is to visit every ground in the system.

I have been to the leisure centre before but with a number of pitches, each one is a different tick. If you think that sounds weird, you want to see how in-depth some groundhoppers are when it comes to the hobby.

That’s exactly what it is though, a pastime. I enjoy football very much indeed and as a groundhopper, there is something special about taking in a new ground. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a national stadium in Europe or a playing field in my local area, it’s all football and it’s all good.

For me it’s just about enjoying the game and not visiting somewhere just for a ‘tick’. I don’t care whether a programme is issued, it’s just about the ninety minutes of football. The reference is not a criticism of anyone, by the way, just pointing out the criteria that some use before they will even visit a game.

I enjoyed the match this time round as well, all three goals were excellent, and on reflection I’d say that the result was a fair one. It was my 12th new ground of the season and my 31st fixture overall in 2019/2020.

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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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