Newport Town 1 Telford Juniors 3. Game Number 30 Of The 2019/2020 Season And A GroundHopping Tick.

With a free Saturday afternoon, I decided to go groundhopping, which invariably means adding a new tick, as given the choice I visit somewhere that I’ve never been to before. I’ve taken in quite a few West Midlands (Regional) League grounds, so I’m looking to fill the gaps, which in this case involved a trip to Newport in Shropshire.

I didn’t think I was going to make kick-off, as with Wolverhampton Wanderers at home, it look me the best part of half an hour just to clear the city. Sitting in traffic it’s easy to think you should have gone a different way, or at least set out much earlier, but in the end I got there as the teams had just kicked off.

It was a beautiful day to watch a game of football and you can view some of the action via the video below. This was my 30th game of the season and my 11th new ground and you can visit my groundhopping pages here.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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