Watching Football Is Good. Working In Football Is Good. You Can’t Beat Playing It Though. A Surprise Game And A Chat With Pastor Dek Dudfield About Faith And Football.

I thought my football was over for the month of June but a text from my friend Dek Dudfield, who is the pastor at Excel Church in Bilston, saw another game squeezed in before the month was out.

This time it wasn’t watching or working though but playing. At the age of 57, I still enjoy putting the boots on and getting involved. Veterans football? Walking football? I’ll consider those when I’m old. For now, it’s full-on with the youngsters.

I would say there are two reasons why I’m still playing. First of all, lifestyle. I don’t smoke or drink and I eat healthily. Secondly, it’s about a positive mental approach.

After the game I had a chat with Dek in the car about faith and football. We’ve been friends for many years and I have a lot of respect for him, not only as a person, but also how he goes about things.

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    1. It was great, Dek, really enjoyed it. Faith and football, not a bad life. Throw in some fishing and you’ve hit the jackpot. See you soon.


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