Lots of short angling sessions this week

This week’s angling typies the ‘making the most of every opportunity’ approach that I employ. In fact, regardless of the amount of free time that you have, if you’re keen to get as many angling sessions in as possible then it’s definitely an outlook that is worth taking on board.

All the outings that I have been on in this week’s blog entry have been short, and several of them have been ‘killing two birds with one stone’ as I’ve combined them with other things. I’ve also been using my telescopic rod for those as well. It fits nicely in the boot when I do that type of water-side visit. The last thing you want is lots of angling gear on show in an unattended car.

Canal perch feature in my angling a lot
Canal perch feature in my angling a lot

I managed four sessions on my local canal, one on the way to TNS, another on a local pool and one while I was on a hospital run. That’s seven, which means I fished every day. Not bad, eh. An example of making the most of every opportunity – I took someone to New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. While they waited, I fished the Wyrley & Essington Canal just over the road.

As it was, their appointment was very quick and I only had about twenty minutes. However, it’s a session that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and when you add up all these type of outings over the course of the year, they soon build up.

As well as perch, other species took the bait
As well as perch, other species took the bait

As you can see from the photographs, I caught fish. I had lots of smaller ones this week, but as always, it’s just good to be out there. I’m just thankful that I have good health and I’m able to fish as much as I do. As I often write, angling plays an important role in my busy life as a check.

Even if I can only get out for a short session, I’m happy. Just like your diet, it’s important to have a balanced life and that’s where angling comes in for me. I love the work-related things that I do but I value very much the switch-off that fishing brings into the equation.

Football challenge

My quest to visit 100 games this season is now 49% completed as visits to Bangor and Stourbridge were added to the list this week. Both involved The New Saints.

Football memorabilia 

Since I’ve been involved with TNS I’ve developed a decent football memorabilia collection. It’s also growing nicely and this week I added a number of shirts. Check out the video below, that I did via Facebook Live on my timeline.

TNS – How it all began

Still with Facebook Live, I also did a video this week explaining how I got involved with TNS. It all started with channel-hopping one day and now it’s not only taken over my walls at home but also my life, but in the nicest possible way. By the way, I’m intending to do more Facebook Live videos on an ongoing basis and I’ll post in advance on my timeline. They’re also viewable after the event as well of course, hence their embedding here on my blog.

I publish a blog entry every Saturday, why not subscribe via the link below. In addition, my social media accounts are there as well, feel free to subscribe / follow / add as appropriate. Have a good week and I’ll see you on November 19. I’ve got lots of fishing planned over the next seven days, plus a football game in Scotland, but I’ll tell you all about that in due course.